FAA ACS Knowledge Test Code: PA.I.C.K4m  

  Deciphering METARs

The Private Pilot written test contains a number of questions requiring you to read coded METARs. A METAR is a Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report. It reports existing conditions at a weather station, usually an airport. These reports are not difficult to read, but many pilots continue to struggle with them. There are uncoded (i.e. plain English) versions available, but with practice, it is easier and faster to read the standard coded reports. On the written test, the problem is much easier since the METARs are published in the Knowledge Testing Supplement (Figure 12). It is a simple procedure to learn the five specific METARs in advance and ace them on the test.

The animated presentation below allows you to click anywhere. Everything is clickable! Use it to explore the five METARs and learn how easy they really are to read.



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